Asenso Village - AMENITIES

It is high time for you to attend to your family’s needs and to your own personal business while at home. That is one of the many perks that you get once you are an Asenso Village resident. Added to these features are as follows:


Main Gate & Guard House: You can be assured that 24/7 your family and property within the compound of the village is safe because the influx of people is fully documented and monitored right from the entrance gate. The guard house is being manned 24/7 by our well trained & seasoned security personnel.

Centralized Water Supply: Filinvest understands that you are running a business and the needs to have a steady is always true. Thus the localized water distribution from a central station is necessary.

Perimeter Fencing: This is one of the most important features on the physical side of the village to make sure that businesses within the village are fully protected. Outsiders from any point will be deterred from coming in because of high perimeter walls.

Training Center: These are part of the support services provided by Filinvest to make sure that you are current and updated on your chosen cottage industry business.

10 to 12 meters wide roads: This is allow entry to bigger trucks should you need one for your shipments. This is a good 2-way lane inside.

Logistics Center: This is part of the support services of Filinvest to make sure that your business needs and your over-all mobility is not affected by anything.

3-Phase Power Supply: Should your business need an industrial power line, this three (3) phase electrical line would be your handy help to get that connected. 


Commercial Area: Since residents are encouraged to have their cottage industry businesses, the entire park would be a residential and a commercial village. For you and the rest of your neighbors, it might just be possible that everything you need is just at the other street or across your house. This would mean convenience for everybody.

Sports and Recreation Amenities: Basketball courts, volleyball courts and lawn tennis could be easily played in this open sports lawn. At times when you are working from home, your tendency is just to work double or triple the effort and time without you minding your health’s status. These sports and recreation facilities will help remind you to take some time to unwind, relax a bit and play sports to sweat out. Besides it is always a great idea to win some friends while getting healthy.

Landscaped Parks: If the best things in life are free, then at Asenso Village, the best part that is free is the landscaped park where one can spend a good early morning jog or a late afternoon walk, to stroll and be refreshed, either alone with your family. Nothing beats the feeling of being able to commune with Mother Nature and enjoy life with little and simple things. 

  • Main gate & guardhouse
  • Centralized Water Supply System
  • Perimeter Fencing
  • Training Center
  • 10 to 12 m wide roads Sports & Recreation Facilities
  • Logistics Center
  • 3-Phase Power Supply
  • Commercial Areas
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